Eugenol 1


Eugenol 1

Eugenol belongs to the 26 fragrances that have to be listed in the INCI-Declaration since 2005 under EU law, for the protection of fragrance allergy sufferers, if the amount in the product is potentially relevant to the allergy sufferer. Eugenol is a natural ingredient of various essential oils that are used to improve the odour of cosmetic products.

1 From natural essential oils and/or plant extracts

Ingredient Overview

Products containing this ingredient

Citrus 24h Roll-On Deodorant

Aluminium-free natural deo with citrus

Everon Lip Balm

Natural lip balm for dry and chapped lips

Iris Hydrating Day Cream

A natural day cream for dry skin

Iris Hydrating Night Cream

A natural night cream for dehydrated skin

Perineum Massage Oil

Totally natural massage oil to get ready for childbirth

Pomegranate 24h Roll-On Deodorant

Easy to apply Roll-On Deo with natural essential oils, free of aluminum salts.

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil

A natural body oil with pomegranate

Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream

A natural hand cream with antioxidants

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy

Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash

Pampering body wash with natural oils

Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream

Enjoy smooth skin with natural facial care

Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream

A natural night cream with rosehip seed oil