The lemon’s refreshing and invigorating properties revive and lift our spirits

A source of vitamin C

It’s common knowledge that this bitter fruit is literally full to the brim with vitamin C. Lemon juice has been proven as a home remedy for colds, with its defensive effect. Hot lemon with honey refreshes and gives new strength and the more mature a lemon is, the more intense the fruit acid and the more it unfolds its astringent, clarifying and refreshing effect, giving you new vitality - from the inside as from the outside.

Wake up your senses

The scent is unmistakable. It acts as a wake-up call to our senses, gives us clarity and ease – the fresh aroma of lemon is as invigorating as its vibrant colour. The strong essential oils of citrus infuse the entire plant. Not only do the small white blossoms smell wonderful, but precious essential oils are also found in the peel, the flesh and even in the characteristically oval-shaped leaves.



The lemon tree is also bursting with vitality - the evergreen, medium-sized tree is the only tree that blossoms and produces fruit simultaneously almost all year round. In a single year, a tree can yield up to 1,000 kilos of lemons.


The lemon has kept its reputation as a high-yielding crop for centuries. Originating in North India, the lemon tree had already crossed the globe in the Middle Ages. Today, it is cultivated from China to Spain, thriving best on fertile soil with a generous supply of sunlight. And it really does not like the cold – the thermometer should at least show 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Under good conditions, lemon trees can then grow to a stately century old.

Enlivening oils for mind and body

This is why we use lemon’s abundant, overflowing energy for our products. The essential oils and pure natural juice of the fruit have proven to be important components of pharmaceuticals and toiletries. For our Citrus Body Care range we only use bio grown lemons from the Samalita Cooperative in Sicily, which has been cultivating lemons for decades. Its sugar content, acidity and vitamin quantity are particularly high. The precious essential oils of our lemons maintain and care for our mind – its intense fragrance awakens the spirits and puts us in a good mood for the day ahead.

Citrus Creamy Body Wash

Natural body wash with citrus scent

Refreshing Body Lotion

24h moisturization and instant refreshment.
200 ml

Citrus Refreshing Body Oil

Refreshing body oil with citrus

Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk

Natural bath milk with fresh citrus scent

Citrus Hand and Nail Cream

Natural hand cream for very dry hands

Citrus Deodorant

A natural deodorant with citrus