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At Weleda, we understand the harmonious connection between nature and mankind. We have used this knowledge since 1921 by carefully selecting nourishing substances for our products in order to support the body’s own strengths.

Pregnancy Keyvisual Body Care by Weleda


The very feeling of carrying a new little life inside you is wonderful and incomparable. During pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, your body will go through a lot of changes. And you need a good team on your side to help you navigate them!

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Baby Care
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Beauty through balance of body, mind and soul

Our promise is to bring stimulation and inspiration to your body, mind and soul. At the same time, we support you as you draw out your own unique vitality and discover your inner balance.

Natural beauty
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An integrated system of medicine

At Weleda, we strive for a holistic approach in medical therapy. We build our knowledge and practice on the principles of anthroposophic medicine a system of medicine founded by philosopher Rudolf Steiner and medical doctor Ita Wegmann.

Holistic health

Our high-quality products

Indulgent antioxidant oil, for all skin needs to stay radiant
Daily use body lotion to prevent the premature ageing of the skin
Renews and protects, for radiant skin after the age of 40
Intensive serum to strengthen and protect skin
Especially formulated for use around the eyes
Night-time regeneration after the age of 40, with antioxidant cell protection
Mild moisturising and calming lotion for delicate skin
Gentle protection from soreness on delicate skin
Gentle in the bath and shower, for a naturally clean baby
Baby-gentle body oil for rubs and massages
A light touch of golden richness for thirsty skin
Fresh, vitalising shower cream with natural organic oils
Light, quickly-absorbed hand cream for everyday use.
The ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere
Unique fluoride-free toothpaste with sea salt and gentle mineral cleansers
Natural care for children’s sensitive milk teeth
Nourishing natural protection for dry and delicate lips